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Welcome to the Liveops Nation Community! This is a space for virtual agents to interact, learn and grow to get the most out of their experience.

Community moderation policies exist to ensure the community is maintained as a safe, respectful and valuable destination for all agents. While maintaining an account in the Liveops Nation online community, you agree to abide by these policies.

By using or accessing any part of the Service or accessing our websites, you are agreeing to these Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy and all other policies or notices posted by us on our websites. Failure to obey will result in removal of the agent’s contribution privileges, account and/or associated content.

Community Netiquette

Be accepting, constructive and respectful of others; constructive disagreement and feedback is not only permitted but encouraged when done in a professional manner.

Do not make personal attacks on other community agents or Liveops staff, including arguments, bullying, prejudiced remarks and defamatory or false comments.

If you have a complaint about another agent or staff, address the matter in a private and civil way; please contact a member of the Liveops team.

Stay on topic. Keep content relevant to the shared interests and values of the community and Liveops. In forum spaces, if you have a new topic of discussion, share it with the community by starting a new thread. Adding varied topics to pre-existing threads buries answers from other agents.

Post content in the correct forum, program or knowledge base- to maintain ease of use, ensure content is posted to the most topically relevant area of the online community. If you are unsure where to post an item, contact a member of the Liveops team.

Do not post client-specific information in the global discussion forums. This includes, but is not limited to, the My Business and Water Cooler forums. Types of information that should not be shared in the global discussion forums are client paperwork, documents, files, or any other information regarding Liveops' methods and procedures. For more information, please see your Independent Contractor Agreement, Section 8. 

Do not post duplicate threads. Threads that are reposted in multiple forums or multiple times in the same forum will be removed.

Do not plagiarize. If you are sharing content that is not original to you, provide an attribute to the source. Links, quotes and references are acceptable – copying and pasting entire articles or stories is not.

Protect your privacy, and others. Share your email address if you wish, but don’t post other personal information—or anyone else’s. If you receive content in one-to-one communications, get the author’s consent before posting.

Do not promote external, program-specific social media groups in Liveops Nation. We encourage you to connect with fellow agents in your program's in dedicated forum within Liveops Nation. This is a private community, open to only Liveops agents and staff. This guarantees that proprietary client information is protected.

Do not use the online community for self-promotion or commercial advertising, such as the promotion of goods and services. You will gain more positive attention by showcasing your experience in a genuine way.

Do not post any materials deemed to be obscene or pornographic, such as links to external sites, images, graphics or additional content of this nature.

Community administrators will handle policy violations on a case-by-case basis to ensure the community is maintained as a valuable destination for all agents. Final decisions made by community administrators are at their discretion; an explanation may not be disclosed. In extreme cases, inappropriate behavior within Liveopsnation.com may result in your contract being discontinued.

Flag Inappropriate Content for Review
If you see any violation of these guidelines, please tell us by flagging the post. 

Personal Information

Community profiles must provide accurate information about yourself and be promptly updated to maintain accuracy.

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your Okta password that grants access to Liveopsnation.com.

When using the Liveops Nation online community, you shall be subject to all Liveops web-based policies. This condition applies to all current and future web-based features or products provided by Liveops.

Use of Content

All content published within the Liveops online community is subject to digital copyright laws. By using the online community, you agree to honor all applicable copyright regulations, as outlined in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the United States Copyright Act of 1976 and any other applicable laws or regulations that may go into effect.

You may use content for personal use only. Content shared externally to the community must be approved by community administrators and be properly attributed to the source. You may not, for any reason, collect the profile information of other agents and share that information externally.

The selling of any online community content is strictly prohibited.

You are not permitted to circumvent any security measures put in place to protect content that exists within the Liveops Nation online community.

When you post content to the Liveops Nation online community, the content must be your own original work, or repurposed with permission from the original owner. Agents assume all risks associated with reusing materials that are not original. By contributing content to the online community, you grant Liveops a royalty-free and irrevocable right to publish, distribute or revise content you publish within the online community. Liveops will never disclose personal, private information.

Content Management

Liveops is not liable for any damages resulting from content posted by other users. Content within the Liveops Nation online community represents the collective work of individuals with varied backgrounds, viewpoints and ideologies. In choosing to use the Liveops Nation online community, you acknowledge that instances of extreme disagreement might arise. These instances should not be viewed as a personal attack or cause contention between agents.

You are solely responsible for the content you post, upload and share within the Liveops Nation online community. Liveops has no obligation to review content before it is submitted, but may edit or remove content if it is deemed to violate community Moderation Policies, to disobey laws or regulations, or to put into question the integrity of the community, clients, or other agents.

Liveops is not liable if you submit content that violates any of the previously mentioned policies, rules, laws or regulations, to you or any third party that may be involved. You will be held fully responsible for the action and material in question.

Liveops does not acknowledge or verify the validity or accuracy of any content within the Liveops Nation online community. Content or materials contributed by agents do not represent the views of Liveops.

Through the online community, Liveops might provide you with services such as knowledge bases, blogs, discussion forums, wikis, stores, issue monitoring and/or events. If these services, in part of whole, become unavailable, discontinued or out-of-service, Liveops shall not be held liable. The addition of any new services shall fall under all provisions outlined in this documentation.

Disputes Between Users

Liveops has no obligation to mediate or resolve agent-to-agent disputes. Liveops maintains sole discretion on how to handle agent disputes, disagreements or other questionable occurrences that may happen within the Liveops Nation online community. In response to misconduct, Liveops reserves the right to edit, delete or modify content in the online community and/or remove community agent accounts as it deems is in the best interest of the online community.

Referral Program

Referring agent must be on an active Liveops contract at time of referral to receive referral invoice adjustment. Referral incentive is eligible on new, first-time agent accounts only that have successfully completed an application and have been accepted to a program lineReferred applicant must use referring agent’s unique referral link in order for application to be tied to referring agent. A $250 incentive will be paid to the referring agent once the 150 call milestone is completed by their referral(s) that meet the corresponding criteria. Referral bonus will automatically be paid via Openforce within 60 days of qualification on an applicable invoice, so long as the referring agent has an active contract with Liveops at the time of qualification and invoice. Please be aware that these terms and conditions are subject to change at any time at Liveops' discretion, without prior notice.