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How to Build Trust with the Shoppers

How to Build Trust with the Shoppers: Mention Sourcing Info Provide clear information on how and where the customer’s details were obtained to build trust. • Use source information to build rapport: “I see you fill…

16 April 20, 2024
Guide Score

Guide Score “Guide Score” replaced “Tier” for the Assurance IQ program. In this resource you will learn the answers to these questions: What is Guide Score? Why is the Client Moving to Guide Score? What Metrics Im…

2 February 9, 2024
From the Client: Assurance Standards and Requirements

Client Requirement: As an individual who speaks with internal and external customers, you are a valuable and critical link between our company and our customers and field partners. You are the key to how Assurance can h…

159 March 29, 2024
Self-Guided Troubleshooting Steps and Resources

Basic self-troubleshooting steps: Please try basic troubleshooting steps first: Deleting Data and allowing Site Settings: Go into your URL Settings on your Chrome tab for the Delta Dialer Click on Site Settings …

3 February 20, 2024
Assurance Example Guide Calls

Hello Awesome Assurance Guides! :star: This is a great resource for you to hear sample calls. The Top Guide Calls section will show what you should say on calls and the Calls for Discussion section will help you see wha…

40 February 22, 2024
Objections and Rebuttals

Why is it important to use Rebuttals? A large number of transfers that lead to policy assists come from the effective use of rebuttals. When a customer objects, many guides may instinctively give up. However, using rebu…

30 February 12, 2024
Assurance Client Metric Expectations

If you choose to provide services for Assurance, the client program metrics are as follows: If performance for any individual category falls outside the Tenured range maximum or minimum target of your business on a week…

24 March 15, 2024
Insights, Shopper Complaint/Escalation, Alerts, and Suggestions Forms

Hello Awesome Assurance Guides! :smiley: This LON resource houses 5 different form links below that you may use to record certain information. The Shopper Complaint/Escalation Form (When a Shopper has a complaint. …

12 March 1, 2024
Verification & Confirmation for Qualified Transfers

Verification and Confirmation per Line of Insurance Please make sure your business is aware that some of this information includes new updated requirements and your business is required to follow them. Items in BOLD ar…

110 April 20, 2024
Slack Best Practices

Slack Best Practices While using Slack, you will want to ensure you are viewing the icons associated to the ARA on duty in Slack or your assigned Mini Nation lead. Here is the breakdown of the icons used on this program…

3 December 14, 2023
Spanish Transfers and Other Languages

spanish_callers_112123.pdf (186.2 KB) AIQ has no translating services other than Spanish languages for some Lines of Insurance. Please politely disconnect and disposition callers that speak another language as Not …

97 February 3, 2024
Assurance IQ - Rapid Response Guide

Assurance IQ - Rapid Response Guide To use this resource, please select the arrow to the left of the question and the answer will appear in the drop down. For real-time on the call questions you have and the answer i…

11 November 8, 2023
How to increase your All Calls Transfer Rate!

Hello, Awesome Assurance Guides! Your Guide Score is a gateway to potential growth for your home-based business. An increase in your Guide Score can lead to better leads in terms of both quantity and quality. This sco…

29 February 19, 2024
How to increase Policy Assist Rate!

Hello Awesome Assurance Guides, This line is ALL about performance! As your Guide Score increases, so does the amount and quality of your leads! A high transfer rate contributes to your Guide Score. However, your poli…

34 March 5, 2024
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