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Intuit System Setup Troubleshooting Guide

Please use this guide to help self-service and troubleshoot your Intuit system login issues. Troubleshooting Guide (sa_012624).pdf (758.4 KB)

1 January 26, 2024
Systems Login Guide and Screenshot Examples

Please use these guides for logging into client systems. Follow the instructions carefully and in the order outlined. You can also find these instructions in your LItmos learning path. Systems included in Intuit: Week 1…

1 January 4, 2024
Certification Status - Check your eLearning and Screenshot progress!

Hit the CTRL + F key to open a search field. Enter your SSO Username in that search field to check your eLearning status. NOTE: The results shown are as of the highlighted time in cell A1. If you completed a course …

2 August 28, 2023
Intuit Browser Requirements and Location Sharing

Intuit requires that your business use the Google Chrome browser to access all of their sites and systems. In addition, the client requires that the location sharing setting in Chrome is enabled. Use this resource to che…

1 November 16, 2022
Docebo Tips and Tricks

Docebo (Intuit’s eLearning platform) may occasionally not perform as expected. This post will keep you up to date with the latest and greatest tips and tricks to keep your business on track with elearning! General Doceb…

1 August 25, 2022
Update your contact information in Liveops Support Center (LSC)

Please click here for instructions on updating your physical address ASAP. This is where we’ll pull the information needed to ship your Intuit webcam. The address should be a physical mailing address. UPS WILL NOT DELIV…

1 April 14, 2021
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