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Victoria's Secret: Resources to Improve Metrics

The resources in this post will include recommendations related to helping your business improve your metrics. Acknowledgement

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Average Handle…

3 June 18, 2022
Victoria's Secret: New Agents' Top Resources

The resources in this post will provide your business with top resources for your first 90 days on Victoria’s Secret calls. FAQ The section is to answers all your questions you may have beginning on the VS program.


11 June 8, 2022
Victoria’s Secret: Upcoming Agent Sessions, Client Sales Events, & Expected Call Volume

This calendar excel sheet will be updated daily and will let you know all about Upcoming Agent Sessions, ARA Mini Nation Sessions, Client Sales Events, and Expected Call Volume all in one place. When you are inside th…

9 February 23, 2022
Victoria’s Secret: Quality, Compliance, Metrics

VS client has set specific expectations that must be met in order to maintain access for providing services to the VS program. These metrics include monthly goals for sales, time on call, quality customer interaction an…

11 July 12, 2022
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